How it works

Investables is a platform that makes it easy to invest in unique and valuable assets like art, watches and wine. Our experts pick and secure these assets, creating a diverse portfolio for investors of all levels. Investables helps you to access and invest in these assets with ease, and achieve your financial goals.

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We source quality collections

Our collections consist of multiple assets, which are carefully selected and curated by our experts. We strive to offer a diverse range of assets, so that investors can have a variety to choose from and also have a diversified portfolio.


We fractionalise them

Securitization is the process of converting assets into a security, which can be bought and sold on our platform. This allows investors to invest in tangible assets in a regulated and easy way.


We open investments

You can choose to invest in these assets and wait for them to appreciate in value before our company sells it for a profit.


We hold and sell them

Once an asset is funded, we hold onto it and manage it until it’s sold again. At that point, we distribute the proceeds to the investors. This allows investors to invest in tangible assets with a long-term perspective and also allows them to get returns from the appreciation of the assets.



We sell shares to others

Or, you can sell your shares on our secondary market, though we cannot guarantee liquidity or effective monetization.

* We cannot assure you that the Secondary Market will provide enough liquidity, a reliable or effective means of monetizing your investment or valuing your shares.

How does Investables work?

We have established a world-class advisory board & investment committee to assist in the sourcing & identification of assets.

Discover best collections

We source, verify, and acquire the most noteworthy rare items and form them into collections, to let you enter the world of physical investments. Assets are carefully chosen by our industry experts, so the price , performance and investment thesis of the portfolio corresponds to high standards of our platform.

Discover best collections

Only secure & insured assets

In Investables we believe that each collection should be verified and highly secure before we let anybody invest in it. That is why we store each physical asset in the vault that has all the security measures and conditions for storage. In addition each assets go through the appraisal process of third-party insurance company.

Only secure & insured assets

Invest in fractions

Investables fractionalizes high-quality assets like art, watches, wine & whiskey and offers them as shares through SEC-regulated offerings, making them accessible to a wider range of investors. It enables diversification and liquidity, allowing investors to purchase smaller pieces of an asset and benefit from appreciation in value.

Invest in fractions

Earn & Trade

Depending on the asset category and investment strategy, we usually hold the assets for a certain period, usually ranging from 6 months to 2 years, before selling them for a premium. This allows for the assets to appreciate in value and maximize returns for our investors. Or, you can sell your shares on our secondary market, though we cannot guarantee liquidity or effective monetization.

Earn & Trade

Need any kind of assistance?

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