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Investables is a platform for alternative investments in physical assets. Exclusive collectibles, such as watches, fine art, jewelry, classic cars, wines & liquors, are our platform's key focus. Here you can invest in and trade our exclusive physical assets.

The cost of each asset on our platform is divided into equal shares. This lowers the budget barrier and allows multiple investors to equally share the rewards and risks of buying alternative assets. For example, a collection of watches is divided into 20,000 equal shares. The more shares you own, the more profit you gain when the collection price goes up. Same with the risks.

By purchasing shares of collections on the Investables platform, you invest and own a piece of the underlying asset. If their value rises, so should the value of your shares. You can either sell your shares by placing an order on our platform and matching with the right buyer, or receive the proceeds when we sell the whole collection or some of its assets.

Investments of any kind pose a risk of losing some or even all of the investment value. However, while we cannot guarantee an increase in the value of your shares, Investables has employed expert advisors to acquire the right assets, at the right time, for the right price. Our main goal is to provide you and other investors with the best investment-grade assets available in the market, worldwide.

After you have invested in shares of a collection, there are two ways to liquidate your position:

1. Sell your shares as a Secondary Market on our platform during open trading hours. Please note that Investables cannot guarantee the sale or acquisition of the asset as a Secondary Offering to match your desired price.

2. Receive proceeds when we liquidate the whole collection or one of its assets. The proceeds will be distributed based on the value of your outstanding shares at liquidation.

Investables is not a broker. We partner with a FINRA & SIPC registered broker-dealer who administers transactions of our securities. Our broker-dealer makes sure that all transactions are 100% compliant with FINRA and SEC regulations.

You can use our platform to sell some or all of your shares. The process is somewhat similar to trading on a public stock exchange, such as NYSE or NASDAQ.

After the collection’s Initial Offering is completed, a 90-day “lock-up” period is imposed. You cannot buy or sell your shares during the lock-up period. Once it is over, you can sell your shares during open trading windows. When the trading window closes, our broker-dealer will match sell orders (asks) and buy orders (bids) at the market-clearing price per share. If the bid price equals or is above your ask price, the transaction will clear, and you will receive the buyer's funds in your account automatically within 2-3 business days.

Yes! You can still place orders on the Secondary Market for all collections listed on our platform.

An investment reservation is an indication of your interest to invest a certain amount in the event that the company subsequently launches an offering of securities. If and when that happens, your reservation will grant you a non-binding allocation for the first 7 days that the offering is live. During this time, you must confirm your investment or else at the end of those 7 days all unconfirmed reservations will be cancelled and their allocations freed up.

No, as most collections on the Investables platform are available to all investors. As an unaccredited investor, however, you cannot invest more than 10% of your net worth or annual income in any of the Investables' offerings. That limitation does not apply to accredited investors.

In most cases, the goal of investments is to hold your shares for the long term. But, as we monitor market conditions, Investables can liquidate the collection, or its part, by selling the physical asset. This way, all shareholders will receive the proceeds.

If you wish to sell all or some of your shares, you can do it at any given time during the open trading windows. When you sell all your shares of the collection, they will be removed from your portfolio in exchange for funds that the buyer of your shares has paid. When you sell some part of your shares, your position will decrease, and still, the funds for the transaction will be deposited into your account.

All our collections and assets that they consist of are eligible for a buyout at any moment after the Initial Offering is completed. To buy out the collection or its asset, you will need to present investors with a lucrative, legitimate offer.

You can place a buyout offer on the Investables platform by clicking the “Submit your Offer” button on the collection’s page and filling out the form with your offer. Upon receiving your submission we will evaluate the buyout offer and the buyer to see if both are legitimate before sharing the offer with investors.

Investables Advisory Board will make a decision by consulting with relevant industry experts on whether to accept the offer.

After the decision is made, the results will be distributed among the shareholders and the potential buyer. If the buyout offer is accepted, the funds will be distributed to shareholders' accounts within 7 business days.

If the buyout offer is rejected, the potential buyer can submit a follow-up offer with at least a 10% increase in the offering price to qualify for the buy out.

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