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Investables is a platform for fractional investments in alternative assets. Exclusive collectibles, such as watches, fine art, jewelry, classic cars, wines & liquors, are our platform's key focus. Here you can invest in, trade, and gift investments in fractions of luxury collectibles.
The cost of each asset on our platform is divided into equal fractions. This lowers the budget barrier and allows multiple investors to equally share the rewards and risks of buying collectibles. For example, a collectible is divided into 20,000 equal fractions. The more fractions you own, the more profit you gain when the collection price goes up. Same with the risks.
Blockchain gives us the power to fractionalize the collections on our platform. We do this by minting NFTs which are fully backed by the physical assets. The assets are purchased and stored in a vault, while you trade the right to own them via the NFTs. In addition to that, the transaction speed and full immutability that blockchain provides make your investment 100% secure and publicly verifiable on-chain.
Some assets are sourced directly by the Investables team. We buy them and own them before listing them on the Investables platform. But we also act as consignors–this means that we offer the platform for asset owners to list their assets directly to our users.

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