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Investables is a platform for alternative investments in physical assets. Exclusive collectibles, such as watches, fine art, jewelry, classic cars, wines & liquors, are our platform's key focus. Here you can invest in and trade our exclusive physical assets.

Yes, all of our offerings are supported by a SEC-qualified offering circular. You can find links to these documents in our footer, or read them directly on the US Securities and Exchange Commission website.

Investables stands out by offering physical asset portfolios curated by industry experts. Our team conducts thorough analysis, writes investment theses, and analyzes market prices to select the most attractive assets for our investors. We also create diversified portfolios consisting of several assets to minimize risk. We prioritize building relationships with our investors and providing regular updates in the form of educational videos, industry reports, and collection overviews.

Investables was founded in 2022.

We charge a one-time fee for each offering to cover the costs of operating our platform. We work with our partners to source, insure, and securitize the assets, making it easier for a larger audience to invest in physical asset portfolios.

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