What is the Investables platform?

Explore how Investables is opening a pathway to luxury assets available for everyone and find the best collectibles to invest in.


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June 29, 2022

What is the Investables platform?*source

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Collectible assets such as luxury watches, fine art, vintage wine & liquor, and more are great alternative investment assets. They not only hold their original value over time, but far exceed it. Even McKinsey, a renowned consulting company, says that the secondary market for luxury watches is expected to top over $29 billion by 2025.

However, this area of alternative investment, and the benefits that come with it, is often considered inaccessible to normal people. High cost of entry and limited availability act as barriers that shut out retail investors and beginner collectors.

Something had to change…

Using blockchain to facilitate fractional investment

Enter Investables, a platform for buying and selling fractionalized assets and collectibles…

With Investables everybody can easily invest in collectible luxury assets! By deploying the power of blockchain technology, we split collectibles into fractional shares.

Each fraction is digital security issued by a U.S.-based Delaware LLC Series company through Regulation A exemption via public offering. Buyers will receive fully compliant digital securities that can appreciate in value throughout time. In addition if user wants to fully buy-out the collection he will receive non-fungible token (NFT) that will act as proof of ownership, indicating the asset and the number of fractions that an investor has acquired. All assets on the Investables platform will be formed into collections. For example, multiple watches with a cumulative price of $100,000 are fractionalized into 1000 fractions with an initial price of $100 per fraction.

If a user owns 100% of all fractions of a specific asset, the user can request a physical transfer of the asset from Investables to them.

The process described above provides investors in collectibles with a few primary benefits:

  • Investables handles the storage, sourcing, authentication and insurance of the assets.
  • The cost is shared between multiple stakeholders, so Investables helps negate the need to have a large upfront cash payment.
  • Investors don't have to focus all their budget on one asset, and instead diversify their portfolio with all the good collectibles to invest in.

Yet, the key benefit of Investables is an opportunity for you to enter into full ownership of your collectible assets. If a user owns 100% of all fractions of a specific asset, the user can request a physical transfer of the asset from Investables to them.

Buying and selling collectibles on the Investables platform

Investables initially sources and purchases assets, then forms them into collections. Starting from here, users will have an opportunity to purchase fractions or buy out the assets completely at the current market price.

Users will be able to invest either fiat or crypto in a collection

The Investables users will be able to sell their digital securities via a buyout offer, voting collectively on wheteher they want to sell their fractions. In addition to that, there will be a secondary offering market that will work through an alternative trading system on the Investables platform.

Users will be able to invest either fiat or crypto in a collection, as well as link a bank account via Plaid integration for processes of deposit and withdrawal.

Starting your Investables journey

Investables is currently pre-launch. However, we are taking a list of sign-ups for our early access program. Users who sign up for early access will be the first to get their feel of the Investables platform, as well as other potential benefits including free shares, whitelist, and more.

If you have any further questions, speak to a member of our team on Discord or Twitter. Don’t forget to follow our other social media pages here in order to stay up to date with the latest news and any future giveaways.

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Table of Contents

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