5 Ways on How and Where to Invest 10000 Right Now

Looking how to or where to invest 10000 right now? Don’t look any further. Our experts at Investables have already analyzed the 5 best investment options for you.


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July 15, 2022

5 Ways on How and Where to Invest 10000 Right Now*source

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If you are reading this blog post, you are probably veeery close to hitting that $10K number on your disposable income wallet. Being smart and doing your research in advance, you wouldn’t want that money to go to waste.

No. You’re here because you want to make your money work, and investing is the best way to do that.

“But there is a multitude of ways to invest $10k right now, so which one should I choose?”

In this blog post, we will disband 5 different answers to one simple question: where is the best place to invest 10000 dollars now?

Invest 10000 right now or save it for better time?

Savings accounts and Inflation have one thing in common–their rate. Oftentimes, an investor with a lot of money in savings starts losing money because the inflation rate outruns that of their savings account.

However, stock and crypto markets look so unstable that it might just feel a little safer to wait it out for a month or twelve. So what’s the best way to invest $10000?

We cannot predict the future. But we can retrospect on the past. Let’s look at some numbers and calculate what would have happened if you invested 10,000 dollars right before 2021 ended:

  • If you had invested $10k in Facebook and Netflix stocks, your portfolio would have been down more than 50%. Major stock market players took a great tumble, as Wall Street st. showed the world some new tricks that their economy can perform.
  • Investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most popular and safe crypto investments in the world, would have bogged your money down by almost 70%. The domino castle started falling apart as major crypto fintech companies started going out of business and taking their clients’ money along with them.
  • Two of the most popular Rolex watch pieces, Rolex ‘Hulk’ and Rolex ‘Batman’, formed into a Rolex Superhero Collection would’ve brought you 23% for your money. Investing $10K in fractions of these watches half a year ago and selling those fractions today would make you more than $2K profit.

Yet, the past is past, and the future still holds the unknown. A drop in prices can indicate that the bull market is coming next. At the same time, the constantly rising value of watches will stop at some point, no?

Let’s explore the key places where to invest $10000 right now, and look for hints among the stats and numbers there.

5 Most Profitable Ways to Invest $10000 Right Now

You already have a balance on your account and you wish to invest. So, where to invest 10000 dollars right now?

Explore your options.

We hand-picked and analyzed 5 ways how to invest $10000 right now, based on the following factors:

  • popularity
  • returns
  • entry costs
  • options to diversify

Behold, the list of most profitable ways how to invest 10000 dollars right now and reap the benefits:

1. Fractional investment in real estate

If you invest $10000 right now, you won’t get a house. But you can surely get you into a fractional real estate market and let you invest in a property or two. As of today, there are dozens of organizations that let you buy fractions of condos, apartments, office buildings, and whatnot. Starting with as little as $500.

The average annual return on the American real estate market is just north of 10%, which is slightly higher than stocks during good times. Since real estate is not bound to stock or crypto, it is a great way to hedge against both the market and inflation.

The average annual return on the American real estate market is just north of 10%

One last thing to note: look for companies that offer a diverse portfolio of properties to invest in. Pick a few and spread the bank among them. This way you can find the best-performing properties and even redistribute your investment for better profits later on.

Where to do this:, RealT, and similar fractional real estate investment projects

2. Investment in cryptocurrencies

6 top-performing cryptos
6 top-performing cryptos by Cryptorank

What a crazy few years we’re having with crypto! The highest of highs, followed by the lowest of lows, this has been the roller coaster we won’t forget.  Experts are still not sure if Bitcoin will hit $100K or drop to $13K by the end of the year. 

If you’re thinking about how to invest 10000 dollars right now in crypto, think carefully. Investing in crypto has always been extremely risky due to the market’s volatility, but since the beginning of 2022 things just keep going south. And knowing how many crypto projects are changing hands and approaches, the situation will remain shaky for some time.

According to the NBC News poll more than 20.7% of American adults trade or invest in crypto. An impressive number for the industry that’s less than 20 years old. And that number will continue to go up, as the ease of access, low cost of entry, and high potential gains keep attracting investors like happy hours at your favorite bistro.

Where to do this: Binance, Coinbase, Uniswap, and other crypto trading platforms.

3. Investment in the stock market

Sector performance chart

If you put money in Apple Inc. stocks in 2012, today you could have sold your portfolio for more than $60K. And that is a mega return from a mega-company that keeps delivering ‘best-performing yet’ and ‘the next most expensive’ iPhone every autumn.

But if you’re looking where to invest 10000 right now, Apple would probably not be your first choice to consider. The post-pandemic growth stopped in 2021, and stocks just can’t stop taking a tumble yet. Top companies in top-performing sectors are down anywhere between 12% and 70% YTD, and nobody knows when it will stop.

The ‘how can i invest 10000 dollars right now’ question remains. Let’s try to answer it.

If a long-term investment is in your plans and you can put these $10k on the side for 10 years, this bear market is the perfect time to buy a few shares of companies that pay dividends to shareholders. To make the most out of your profits, consult with stock investment professionals. Invest in several stocks from different sectors, or buy index shares with already balanced portfolios.

Where to do this: Robinhood and similar trading apps, or consult your personal bank manager

4. Investment in startups via crowdfunding

Investing in startups as growth companies is probably the best chance to invest in a unicorn before it grows a horn and starts shining like a rainbow. Alas, if you’re not a hedge-fund manager with billions under control, crowdfunding platforms are the place to go.

Crowdfunding in startups lets you invest as little as $100 in promising projects that want to revolutionize the world and become the facebooks, googles, and pfizers of our future. But which of them will truly succeed, we do not know.

Investing in startups is not a short-term investment. Here, the potential returns depend on the startup, its growth plans, and the execution of those plans. Before giving money to new Elons and Bills, join their communities and talk to founders to find out more about their plans.

Crowdfunding in startups lets you invest as little as $100 in promising projects

If you find a startup that you believe in and will support no matter what, it will become your best investment in the ocean of emerging companies.

Where to do this: Explore crowdfunding platforms such as SeedInvest and Wefunder

5. Investment in collectibles

Collectibles performance chart
Hinton Magazine

You might think that $10K might not be enough to start investing in collectibles. After all, a Rolex ‘Hulk’ cost today starts from $35K on the secondary market. And you wouldn’t want to invest in anything other than a King of Collectible Watches.

But, just like with fractional investment in real estate, you can invest $10000 right now in fractions of exclusive collections, comprised of art, watches, classic cars, wines, or even jewelry.

Expensive watches, fine artwork, and collectible wines,the most profitable type of investment, were previously reserved for high-end society due to the high cost of entry. Yet, with the development of technology and the popularization of blockchain, some companies were able to source or consign exclusive collections, divide their costs into fractions, and list them for bids.

While you may not ever see the physical asset you invested in (unless you become the owner of 100% of fractions), all luxury assets are verified, insured, and stored in a locked vault in order to preserve their condition and value.

On the other hand, there is a limited number of exclusive collectibles and their availability becomes more scarce with every passing year. For example, the above-mention ‘Hulk’ Submariner was taken off production and has been soaring in price ever since.

Exclusive collectibles such as Birkin bags by Hermes have been outperforming long-term investments such as the S&P500 and gold for the past 40 years. And you can invest 10000 right now in a collection of those bags and forget about the problems of inflation.

Where to do this: The Investables platform

Bottom line

Where to invest $10000 right now? That question can ruin your sleep if you think about it too much.

While all of the above methods are safe long-term investments, they have their own risks and differences. We prefer to invest in exclusive collectibles because we know that there are physical assets that create emotional value. And while there are people on this planet, emotions will continue ruling our decisions.

Investing in collectibles is the top way to turn $10K into bigger money. With the Investables platform, you can invest in a Rolex Superhero collection, a Turf War by Banksy, or other hand-picked and verified collections that you can find on our investing platform.

Don’t want to miss the updates and new collections to invest in? Sign up for our newsletter and stay up-to-date with the goings-on in the world of exclusive collectibles.

Frequently asked questions

1. What can I do with $10000 in cash to gain profits?

If you’re planning to profit from $10000 in cash, the best way to do this is to invest it. There are multiple ways to invest money, such as stocks, crypto, real estate, and even collectibles. Choose the one you feel confident in, and you will be alright.

2. What is the best place to invest 10000 in right now?

Choose the investment that fits both your budget and your investment goals. Want to put that money aside for 10 years? Buy stocks. Want a guaranteed profit within a year or less? Explore investing in collectibles.

3. Which are the best sectors to invest 10000 as an alternative investment in 2022?

Fractional ownership of the real estate and investment in exclusive collectibles are the sectors that have shown the best performance and have the highest average ROI among other ways to invest.

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